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Stay inside this summer and ORGANIZE FOR LIFE

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2019


Summer is in full swing and where I live it’s hot...but, at least it’s mostly a dry heat. ;-) If you live where I do, staying indoors during the summer days is normal and necessary.

If you’re hankering to expend some excess energy inside, since going outside would mean immediate sunburn or heat exhaustion (it can happen in less than ten [10] minutes where I live! D’oh!!), why not purchase my five (5) week, online organizing course, Organize For LIfe, click here to learn more, to stay inside and make your living or professional space feel full of new energy and organized for life.  

The online course takes you through my version of the Konmari™ Method of Organizing in five (5) weeks. Each week you’ll watch a new video and take the rest of the week to implement what you have learned. Each Monday, you will have the opportunity to get any organizing questions answered in my weekly LIVE Zoom meetings, 6-7pm PST (North America)....

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Delegate, delegate, delegate

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2019
Based on my last email, I thought it useful to quickly discuss the idea of delegating, which can also help you gain more focus in your life. You may come from the school of thought that suggests doing "everything" yourself will save you money and prove your worth. I will offer another train of thought: DELEGATE WHATEVER YOU CAN, WHENEVER YOU CAN!
For example, I am proud I previously took the time to learn how to make homemade tortillas (thanks to my marvelous Nina Angie ["Nina" is "Godmother" in Spanish]), but unless I was planning to perfect the practice of tortilla making and make a profit from it, my time is better spent helping people organize and paying someone else to make the homemade tortillas. ;-) 
My point is obvious: I may love eating tortillas, but making them is time consuming and I can get the same result by paying an expert who will make the tortillas faster and save me precious time for my real passion(s). What are you currently...
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Simplicity + Focus = Easier Life

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2019


Do you ever wonder if your daily routine is as simple as possible? It’’s no secret that how you start your day is a keen indicator as to how the rest of your day will flow. For instance, my morning routine is non-negotiable and pretty much on autopilot. The key word is “autopilot.” Nothing says simple better than “autopilot.”
Because I choose to start my day with habitual, positive self-care, I know the rest of the day is just icing on the cake. Right when I wake up I drink a prepared, 16oz glass of lemon water and listen to affirmations in my own voice. Next, I wash up and head to the gym. I then shower and eat breakfast. By 8am, I’m done with my self-care and can be proud I set myself up for success.
A by-product of my self-care habits is MAJOR FOCUS from 8-10am—when I know I’m most creative/alert. Do you know your “power hour(s)?” I use the early morning (since I’m an early riser)...
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Try Meditation

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019


While I know being organized can help ease one’s stress level big time, I also know there are other means to keep stress at neutral. For the last year, I’ve been trying to maintain a consistent meditation practice. I admit it’s been less than consistent. But, I know the effort I put into any time dedicated to meditation is worth the effort.
My best meditation time has been about ten (10) minutes. I use guided meditations so that I focus on someone’s prompts vs trying to stay quite and fight off sleep. I like a particular seven (7) minute mediation video by I do my best to listen to this video every night before bed. It doesn’t happen every night, but when I do follow through, I notice a much calmer entry into sleep.
You may have already guessed that my purpose isn’t just to help you get organized...I’m aware that organizing is a gateway to other amazing opportunities that can filter into my...
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Purposeful Staycation

Hey there!

Raise your hand if you will have a “staycation” any time this summer? If you do, might I suggest taking a few hours out of your down time to try a volunteer gig close by. 
Notice I said “a few hours,” not the whole time you’re free. 😉  I’m a BIG advocate of taking time off to recharge and enjoy time away from the daily grind. It’s so important to refill your energy stores as often as possible. To that end, maybe volunteering a few hours one day out of your vacation could be arranged.
As you have previously mentioned, I volunteer with Habitat For Humanity (HFH) for about four (4) hours once/month. That’s only 32 hours out of a year. Yet, that small amount of time adds up to big satisfaction for my soul and community. Good karma goes a looooonnnnggggg way.
So, maybe think about serving dinner at your local soup kitchen or volunteering at the library or getting out on the streets and picking...
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