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Uncategorized Jun 24, 2019
Based on my last email, I thought it useful to quickly discuss the idea of delegating, which can also help you gain more focus in your life. You may come from the school of thought that suggests doing "everything" yourself will save you money and prove your worth. I will offer another train of thought: DELEGATE WHATEVER YOU CAN, WHENEVER YOU CAN!
For example, I am proud I previously took the time to learn how to make homemade tortillas (thanks to my marvelous Nina Angie ["Nina" is "Godmother" in Spanish]), but unless I was planning to perfect the practice of tortilla making and make a profit from it, my time is better spent helping people organize and paying someone else to make the homemade tortillas. ;-) 
My point is obvious: I may love eating tortillas, but making them is time consuming and I can get the same result by paying an expert who will make the tortillas faster and save me precious time for my real passion(s). What are you currently doing that maybe someone else could do faster and better? What passionate pursuits could you find time for if you delegated the tasks that really didn't require you being physically present? 
Think about the focus and clarity you can gain from concentrating on what you enjoy doing rather than wasting time on stuff you could easily have someone else do. And, delegating need not cost money; you might be surprised what family members or friends are willing to do for you for free. Bartering is also a way to trade your talents (what you like to do) for tasks you would rather skip. Thinking outside the box is not hard when you have an end goal. 
Delegating is about a mindset...when you get clear about what you really want in life, you will find ways to delegate. Trust me. The people you admire the most likely delegate daily tasks so they can create what you love. Why not ask them what they delegate and how? Why not take a chance and give delegating a try with a task you don't enjoy; even if it's just once? And, when you do try out delegating, make sure you fill the time with a passion of yours. 
I would love to hear what you delegated and what you did with the extra time? Just reply to this email.
Happy Delegating!

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