Simplicity + Focus = Easier Life

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2019


Do you ever wonder if your daily routine is as simple as possible? It’’s no secret that how you start your day is a keen indicator as to how the rest of your day will flow. For instance, my morning routine is non-negotiable and pretty much on autopilot. The key word is “autopilot.” Nothing says simple better than “autopilot.”
Because I choose to start my day with habitual, positive self-care, I know the rest of the day is just icing on the cake. Right when I wake up I drink a prepared, 16oz glass of lemon water and listen to affirmations in my own voice. Next, I wash up and head to the gym. I then shower and eat breakfast. By 8am, I’m done with my self-care and can be proud I set myself up for success.
A by-product of my self-care habits is MAJOR FOCUS from 8-10am—when I know I’m most creative/alert. Do you know your “power hour(s)?” I use the early morning (since I’m an early riser) to let good vibes enter my head then I use the good vibes to kick my creative juices into high gear. Just like studying for under 40 minutes is optimal for best retention, focusing when you are most alert will mean more productive output in less time. 
Again, nothing I’ve detailed is hard...rather, it’s all consistent behavior that my brain counts on to then find the most simple path for each event I take on the rest of the day. The habitual simplicity of my routine means my brain can work more efficiently when tasked with a challenge.
In your world, do you dedicate your first waking moments to your self-care? Do you fill your cup first before helping others? The fast-paced world we live in seems to infer that doing as much as possible all at once is a way to show your worth. I strongly disagree. 
When you use positive habits to run your life, you are freeing up your brain so it can really focus when necessary and take you to higher levels of thinking/living.
I encourage you to take up ONE new morning, self-care habit and learn when your “power hour(s)” is(are). You can do it! Feel free to reach out for help if you require suggestions.
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