Stay inside this summer and ORGANIZE FOR LIFE

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2019


Summer is in full swing and where I live it’s hot...but, at least it’s mostly a dry heat. ;-) If you live where I do, staying indoors during the summer days is normal and necessary.

If you’re hankering to expend some excess energy inside, since going outside would mean immediate sunburn or heat exhaustion (it can happen in less than ten [10] minutes where I live! D’oh!!), why not purchase my five (5) week, online organizing course, Organize For LIfe, click here to learn more, to stay inside and make your living or professional space feel full of new energy and organized for life.  

The online course takes you through my version of the Konmari™ Method of Organizing in five (5) weeks. Each week you’ll watch a new video and take the rest of the week to implement what you have learned. Each Monday, you will have the opportunity to get any organizing questions answered in my weekly LIVE Zoom meetings, 6-7pm PST (North America). That’s right! Every Monday, you get the chance to pick my brain and ask any organizing questions you can think of to help you through your “tidying festival.”

Click here to learn more! 

Let this summer be the last time you feel weighted down by your possessions. I look forward to seeing you in the Zoom meetings! Feel free to reply to this email with any questions about the online course.   

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