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Purposeful Staycation

Hey there!

Raise your hand if you will have a “staycation” any time this summer? If you do, might I suggest taking a few hours out of your down time to try a volunteer gig close by. 
Notice I said “a few hours,” not the whole time you’re free. 😉  I’m a BIG advocate of taking time off to recharge and enjoy time away from the daily grind. It’s so important to refill your energy stores as often as possible. To that end, maybe volunteering a few hours one day out of your vacation could be arranged.
As you have previously mentioned, I volunteer with Habitat For Humanity (HFH) for about four (4) hours once/month. That’s only 32 hours out of a year. Yet, that small amount of time adds up to big satisfaction for my soul and community. Good karma goes a looooonnnnggggg way.
So, maybe think about serving dinner at your local soup kitchen or volunteering at the library or getting out on the streets and picking...
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